Elementary Prevention Initiative for Children (EPIC)

EPIC! is excited to announce new partnerships with Scholastic and other organizations in the educational space to bring our lesson plans and toolkits to the wider academic community. Stay tuned for updates. If you would like to receive an e-mail when our collaborative toolkit is released, please sign up for our mailing list here, or send an e-mail to aboscolo@dayoneny.org with the subject line “EPIC! Toolkit.”

The Elementary Prevention Initiative for Children (EPIC!) provides workshops to teachers, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals through partnerships with NYC public schools and community organizations.  Adult trainings and workshops provide educators and caregivers with tools to support the young people they care about as they navigate relationships and build healthy communities. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each school or classroom community and include interactive activities that engage a variety of learning styles.

Please note that at this time, EPIC! is no longer providing youth workshops for students K-5, as we are focusing our resources on empowering the trusted adults in their lives to have ongoing conversations with them.

Professionals trainings and caregiver workshops are tailored for each audience, and can include information on the following topics:  

  • Supporting Healthy Relationship Development in Children as Violence Prevention

  • Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms

  • Starting Conversations about Healthy Relationships with Young Children

  • Creating Consent Culture in the Classroom

  • Youth Empowerment and Supporting Children’s Agency

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Students and Families

  • Supporting Child Witnesses and Survivors of Violence

To request a workshop, please contact Johanna Burgos at jburgos@dayoneny.org. Please note that we will not be scheduling these trainings before October 1st. 

In addition to our professionals trainings, if you are looking for resources to continue supporting conversations around healthy relationships among your students, you can view a comprehensive list below.

  • You can order up to 200 free Healthy Friendships guides for caregivers and teachers of young children here.  

  • Check out EPIC Talks: Supporting Healthy Relationship Development in Children as Violence Prevention, a 2 part webinar series we facilitated earlier this year focused on equipping adults with tools to support healthy relationships among young children: 

  • Womankind provides various children and youth healthy relationships and anti-violence education through their STAR program.  

  • Amaze.org creates educational animated videos focused on healthy relationships, sexuality, gender and healthy bodies. Amaze jr is geared towards children ages 4-9.

  • Queer Kid Stuff is an educational video series for children and adults who want to discuss healthy relationships, sexualities and gender identities. They also have LGBTQ+ affirming lesson plans for educators.

  • Sex Positive Families provides book lists and resources for children by age on various topics related to consent, healthy relationships and body autonomy. They also have resources for adults including coaching sessions to support these conversations.

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